The South Franklin Trinity is in the "ready-to-print" stage. It isn't easy to get to this stage, but you have to wrap it up and move on. Always, after a book is published, and after a few weeks or months go by, I read the book again and damn, if there aren't a few mistakes. A few times I will be reading along and a word will be missing. Son of a bitch! I'll back up and read it again and again. I blame it on the printer even though I know it is no fault of theirs. I know that they went into the PDF that I sent them and they erased a word. I know it! I just know it! Bastards! And they tossed in some commas that just were uncalled for and removed others that should be there. Why would they do such a thing?

Anyway, this time, with the release of The South Franklin Trinity, I am running an ad campaign on the University of Texas at El Paso's KTEP and might possibly run a TV campaign as well. I'm always losing money on some hair-brained idea so why stop now? But I really want this to work. I want to be the author that everyone knows. The author that everyone knows has a website and that everyone knows they can purchase my books and my music from that site. I want to be a recognized author in El Paso. That's a bit hard to do. I just finished up my NPR text and it is going to begin running on November 27, 2017. I'm not sure about the TV ad yet. It's a big financial jump of the cliff. Will people visit my website? Yes, I believe they will. Will they buy a book or two? Yes. I believe some will. Sometimes you have to stand at the cliff's edge and find another way down. But not right now. Maybe next time. This time I'm all in. All I need is the damned book cover! Let's go! Give me the book cover!

Go ahead, join.

I occasionally will update you with progress on my many life-projects.

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