There's an old saying somewhere along the way….I'm paraphrasing for sure. "There is nothing like a person to person, face to face conversation." In my world of professional development they say, "People give to people, not organizations." I'm in the middle of the road when it comes to my development skills. I'm not the greatest at acquiring millions of dollars at a time. Smaller gifts are more my style. I really wish I was that magical gift getter, but I'm not. But I do have the luxury of once in a while sitting with someone over coffee or a simple lunch and having a great conversation. I did that today with Jeannie Glen, the owner of Book Publishers of El Paso. We had coffee and a crumb cake at Seham's Bakery on Montana St. here in El Paso, TX. 

     Jeannie is a lovely person as kind and honest as the day is long. We dabbled in small philosophical conversations that are interesting to me and I think to her also. I could discuss the 'what ifs' all day long. We don't talk too much about family or friends, we talk more about her business as a publisher and my so-called business as a writer. She presented me with an award last year for MY Life, but she herself has never read my book. Her judges read it and made the decision.

     I've been thinking about my book. I've entered it into the Writer's Digest Competition for Self-Publishers. I think my book may be better off suited for men rather than women unless the woman is really open-minded. There is a bunch of sexual philosophy within the pages and I can see how a woman would read it one way and a man another. Women might not get the humor or the gesture intended whereas men might just follow it right along. I hope I'm wrong. So I called Writer's Digest today to suggest that they have a man review my book. The last time I entered it a woman read it and I don't think she got it. They are supposed to return my call. 

     In short, my book leads up to a rather messy ending and my relationship(s) are to blame…actually I am to blame, but I blame the relationship(s). So I have to wonder how women perceive this. I would rather have a man read it this time around. 

     Back to Jeannie…it was great to see her and to sit and talk to her. She is the best.

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