As mentioned in an earlier blog, I have been enjoying meeting up with old friends and having a coffee and maybe even huevos rancheros. I love huevos rancheros, and in El Paso every restaurant serves it differently from the last, but they are all excellent.

Somewhere along the way my hope is to run into someone who knows someone who will take a bit of their time and actually understand my book. I know many people have read it, but I am dreaming of some lone producer of miracles to stumble upon this title, read the quotes on the back, and have fun for the next couple of days while they flip through these unmeasured scenarios that lead to the interesting play on words and life that lead up to the ending.

I keep telling people it's funny ….. except for the ending of course. But even the ending is a beautifully unexpected poetically religious event. It was hard for me to believe as I wrote it that it would actually end in the manner in which it did. Of course I knew the 'way' in which it ended, but I didn't realize how the words would flow into the perfect scene. It was hard to believe the important role my dad played throughout these scenes. There could have been a few more 'mom' scenes, but they weren't always the best scenes. My mom knew more about me than everyone and some things are better left swept under the old carpet. 

Anyway … I've met with my friend Herb Price and my friend Mike Grunsten on different occasions and truly enjoyed the company and the conversation. The smartest guy I know is Richard Palmer. I should talk to him more often. There's something about that guy that is quietly brilliant. We are fortunate to know the people we know. Love and cherish every moment with them. Time is really beginning to rush by and I'm running out of it.

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