The I'm So Pissed Off!!! concept came to me one Saturday afternoon a couple of years back. Everybody in this day and age seems to be pissed off at something or someone or a shit-load of people all at once. Even though I am not a certified doctor, or a doctor of any sort for that matter, I believe I have the cure for what ails you. It is within the 32 pages of I'm So Pissed Off!!! I am the non-doctor that guarantees satisfaction! 

What makes this book so successful is how hard you are willing participate. If you read the powerful 'swear' words like a bookworm huddles up to the pages, then you might not get completely cured, but you will still have quite a bit of fun. If you SHOUT these Son of a Bitching words and mean EVERY DANM OUNCE OF IT, you will be 100% cured.

I guarantee it. 

Go ahead, join.

I occasionally will update you with progress on my many life-projects.

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