Legendary Locals of El Paso still in the Running

I believe it was back in 2012 when I wrapped up a new book for Arcadia Publishing called Legendary Locals of El Paso. It would have been my second book for Arcadia and I was very pleased with the results. They had produced the cover and had placed the entire book into their "ready to print" hopper when they changed their mind. I had a reference page inside that included a number of websites I had visited while looking for information. I did not want to be accused of plagiarism and besides, it was very difficult to find information on famous El Pasoans like F. Murray Abraham, Gene Roddenberry and Vikki Carr without exploring the internet. As you might guess, there are several sites on the internet that all have the exact same information on movie stars, playwrights, singers and actors. Because of this, at the last minute, they dropped my book. A year of my life shot to hell, not to mention the time they had spent on it. It put me in a blue funk. 

I took the project to a couple of local publishers (there are only two in El Paso). One was just about out of business and I would have had to have paid for the printing and the other did not want anything to do with a book about local people. So I shelved it and moved on the the project I am writing now, Cleaning Up The Neighborhood. 

Low and behold, I have a friend here in El Paso, Joe Gomez, who has been pushing Legendary Locals of El Paso to a few of his contacts who might be able to provide funding sources. There seems to be an interest in publishing my book. It would be great to have three books under my belt with a new one nearly finished. Keep your fingers crossed. 


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