A long time has passed since I've posted anything. I like to think I've been too busy, but that's not really the truth. I have been wrapped up in a lot of activities in the past few months though. I think I've learned something too....many things. First and foremost, I am a talented guy, I get that.....but I'm not focused. That's the problem with being good or semi-good at several things. One never focuses and finishes first in anything. I've finished first a few times, but I mean first in the Big Time. It's too late now. I'm getting too old. First, I wish I could retire, but that's out for now. I wish I could write all day and make a living off writing, but that's out. I wish I had concentrated on music when I was younger and fought my way into the music business. I've written some pretty good music over the years, but that's probably out too. I wish I could paint all day. I love painting and again, I think my work is unusual and pretty damned good, but I can't focus only on that. Too bad. It's too late to make the millions I wanted to make for the wife and son. I guess they'll have to settle for me and only me......and all my stuff.

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