About the only thing that doesn't take a long time to make are mistakes. Mistakes happen in a split second and then they can take forever to fix. Sometimes the damage is irreversible and we're forced to carry that opinionated guilt around with us for a long time. Everything we do has to be carefully executed and stated in such a manner that it doesn't offend anyone in our wide group of tangled webs. 

     The hardest part of my latest project, My Life Before I Decided To Commit Suicide, has been to play the role of the self-editor. This was very time consuming. Literally months of reading and rereading. And then when the eBook version was finally published, how I wished I could have gone through those changes one more time. 

     My Life Before is a very delicate piece of writing. It's an embellished truth. I can't remember everything that took place. It's like watching the movie Lincoln or Ben-Hur. Who knows what was actually said or done? Nobody. Absolutely nobody. Who knows what actually took place while I was stopped by a drunken individual on the top of Dutton Ave when I was 15? Nobody. Nobody but me that is. Who knows what took place between me and my family members? We all have our own versions. My Life is my version. In most cases, nobody else in my family was there, so how could they possibly know what I witnessed or experienced? They can't. 

     So my friends, I release my new book, My Life Before I Decided To Commit Suicide, hoping that you enjoy it for the reading experience and try not to figure it out to any great degree. As I stated earlier, I've read this thing a thousand times and while I always seem to have the need to change a comma or something, the story in itself has never bored me.

     So my 'mistake' would not be in writing this embellished memoir, because the experience has been very gratifying. My 'mistake' would be that I haven't covered my tracks enough and that I actually have offended someone. I never would want to do that. 

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