To-date I have composed four books. My newest release, A Right to Kill, is right in tune with today's political madness going on in the Untied States.

It follows the lives of six young boys in the 1950s and 60sa time when the United States was still in its infancy, and working-class families were poor, uneducated citizens. The boys make a blood-bound pact to “clean up the neighborhood” at all costs. As time goes by their concept of what is morally acceptable expands and their once simple adventures escalate. 

As adults they find themselves at the forefront of the most significant political shift in United States history. By the ruling party’s executive order, “On this fine day,” the U.S. borders are immediately and indefinitely closed. Texas passes the controversial, Right to Kill Act. Anyone can petition the state to have someone killed. The catch? The petitioner has to make the kill. This is followed by the Texas Prison and Rehabilitation System putting to death 28,000 prisoners it houses as it opts to have a prison system all together. Before long the entire country is following The Lone Star State’s lead. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the country’s first Roman Catholic leader’s Dallas assassination is tied to South Vietnam’s assassination of their first and only Roman Catholic leader, Ngo Dinh Diem. While the world is caught up in an unprecedented warring spiral, our six north siders are implementing their own strategic maneuvers to dominate the world.

My third book, and awakening crown jewel is, My Life Before I Decided To Commit Suicide - A Love Story (now in its second pressing). I discovered who I am as a writer. I found my voice. Don't let the title fool you. My Life is a series of short stories detailing the sometimes awkward, stumbling events in my childhood, adolescence and my young adult life. my life, in many ways mirrors your own; the self-doubt, the trying to find you way among the masses, looking for love and all of those challenges, and all else. The reason I call it an embellished memoir is due to the fact that I took great license with the truth and created vivid pictures that I am sure you will enjoy. It's one funny book, except for the death thing at the end, but even that is pretty clever.

El Paso: 1850-1950 was my first for Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series. A beautiful series that focuses on historical aspects of any-town America through a collection of old photos. Each book contains approximately 200 black and white photos accompanied by a brief analysis of each. I was selected to write, El Paso: 1850-1950, and thus, the official book writing bug began. The project took one year from conception to the table. El Paso: 1850-1950 is loved by teachers, students, established El Paso families and new arrivals to this region of the United States. It is available online through several sources and locally throughout El Paso.

My second scheduled book was also for Arcadia Publishing, but after eight months of work they rejected it. It was called, Legendary Locals of El Paso. Not to be defeated, I changed the title to My Favorite El Pasoans: Past and Present, rearranged the entire book and I added several new characters. A book that my publisher turned down has become my largest seller to date. I'm not sure what that says, but it says something. My Favorite El Pasoans about famous El Pasoans. Not only movie stars like Debbie Reynolds, Marlon Brando, and Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies, who each were born in or near El Paso, but regular, hometown heroes as well. Like Tom Ogle who in the 1970s created a new type of carburetor that got 100 miles to the gallon. Once the auto industry found out about it, Tom was mysteriously shot and soon died. How about Eugene Anchondo. He was the first musician to own an electric guitar in El Paso way back in the 50s. Famous folk singer Phil Ochs is from El Paso as well. There are nearly 200 impressive people in this book.  

My fifth book, soon to be released will probably outsell all of the others once it is published. It was written thanks to Arcadia pulling the plug on me. It's called, I'm So Pissed Off! - The Stress Relief Book. This book is the funniest book you will ever read. I guarantee you will laugh your butt off. And, you'll feel a lot better within minutes. It should be out by the first of 2016, if I am lucky.

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