It is here that I promote the writings, the art and the music that I am fortunate to have created.

Since I was 16 years old hiding in my bedroom with my Kingston acoustic guitar, I have been writing music. Writing is a loose term for writing lyrics and placing a 'G', 'C' and 'D' over the words where the chord changes take place. I don't really write music.

After nearly 50 years of this tactic, I have begun to revisit my stack of songbooks selecting my favorite pieces in the folk, country, jazz (as I call it), rock and blues genres. In 2012 I released a compilation 4-CD box set of mostly original blues, called, A History of Blues (available on this site). It is a history of the varied styles of blues I have penned beginning in 1972. It features tremendous studio and live performances of many of Upstate NY's finest blues players. This was part of a series I called the 820 Sessions, with a portion of the music coming from a living room session held at 820 Avery Ave. in Syracuse, NY.

The Way Things Used To Be

Now, I am visiting my country roots. Songs from the 70s and 80s I have written. This was a time when I hitchhiked back and forth across the United States for eight years - wandering, searching for my soul. Lyrically and musically the 11 original songs on, The Way Things Used To Be, are simple songs with heartfelt stories and melodies. If you have a passion for a waltz or two, and good old down-home music, you will love this project. Wonderful love songs that I think you will all be able to relate to. These recording are from a series I refer to as the 2920 Sessions. The street address of where I live in El Paso, TX. You can visit https://austinjimmymurphy.hearnow.com for a listen, and to purchase my music. It is also available on Amazon.com, Spotify and elsewhere. Just search for Austin Jimmy Murphy. You can also listen simply by going to my music page on this site. Thank you all.

Prior to the release of The Way Things Used To Be, my main focus for this website has been about my books. I love to write and have had medial success with my works, but I have been successful nonetheless. Now it is time for an update on my life. Maybe breaking out something new for you. I like that idea.

The Reclusionist Exhibit - Offered as a Fundraising Opportunity

This exhibit is being utilized as a fundraising opportunity for museums and gallery spaces. It is called The Reclusionist because I never show my work. I am primarily a recluse. I love the public. I am a performer, but when it comes to showing my art, I am extremely shy. Recently, the International Museum of Art (IMoA) here in El Paso raised more than $13,000 for their Collections Management Project, funds were restricted for cataloging their collection and purchasing much needed archival storage materials. I provided more than 40 works if art for public viewing. It is my belief that much more could have been raised had the museum and their board consolidated their efforts. The concept is simple: they opened a crowdfunding site on Indiegogo and letters were written by a few board members to gather support from personal donors. Had all of the board members participated, and had letters of encouragement been sent to the museum members to support this effort, it is believed by those who participated, that $50,000 could have been raised. I think the sky is the limit. If you are interested in making such an effort, myself and the IMoA Board President, MaryJo Melby, would be happy to visit with you. And I would be happy to show my work once again.



I have added a new page that includes photos of some instruments I have owned, and in some cases, still own. They are available as prints as well. You might think that a photo of an old Sears Silvertone guitar and a Montgomery Ward amplifier doesn't sound very interesting, but you may know a music buff that will love it. These are all original photos. Take a look and see.


I have also added a new page called Photo Art. Who hasn't taken a million photos in their day? Everyone has. But again, you might find these photos interesting. I have. They would make beautiful additions to any home or office.


This page visits music that has been published and new music that I am currently working on. Blues, folk, country and jazz. It took me decades to become a comfortable guitarist, meaning a guitarist who is half-way decent. My voice is not a perfect voice that can easily be harmonized with, but it is my voice and there isn't much I can do about that. I have been fortunate to be able to perform an evening's worth of music that consists of mainly my own songs from the beginning. I have always been proud of that. Lyrically, I think I've done a pretty good job. One of the main reasons I began writing my own music is that I had a very difficult time learning the hits if the day. While most, if not all, of my friends could copy guitar leads from the Allman Brothers or Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, I had an impossible time learning these songs. It has been one of my greatest weaknesses. That being said, I have written hundreds of songs covering a number of genres. My stage name is Austin Jimmy Murphy. Back in the 80s I lived in Austin, TX. When I moved back home to Syracuse, NY someone called me Austin Jimmy Murphy. I kept the name.

Now that I am older, I am taking time to revisit many of these songs and I am recording them. I recently retired and have purchased enough gear to build a home recording studio. As always, this is something I wish I had done years ago. It is a fantastic experience. An in-house studio is really the only way a songwriter can afford to record. No one can afford the proper amount of studio time it takes to put even one song together. Having my own studio means that I can record at any time of day on any day. It really is incredible. I placed a few of the new songs on my music page. Give them a listen. Let me know what you think. I still have songs from my 2012 release, A History of Blues, posted as well.

As far as any new book projects … I am concentrating on my music right now. Enjoy your visit. Please take the time to purchase one of my books of my box set of blues. Thank you.





When coincidental fate brings together Richard Callahan, a brilliant scientist working on a top secret government project inside the Franklin Mountains in far west Texas, and the lonely, complex Lester Winton, whose exhaustingly fearful world discovers an improbable observation that opens the door to turning back the hands of time, and the self-indulged artist John Andersen, who hangs over his backyard arroyo on his hand-crafted “Jesus Cross” to better understand the suffering Jesus experienced, more than a few sparks fly on the third Tuesday of April, 2016. (Was $20. Now $15. Free shipping.) 



One of Murphy's favorite books of all time. "I wrote it on a whim. If you want to have a little fun at a party or have a friend, family member or associate that is fed up with all the daily bullshit, you have to give them this book and have them SHOUT IT OUT LOUD! It is a true stress reliever." I'm So Pissed Off has calmed many a nerves even though not one doctor or one clinical test in the entire world has ever approved or certified the damn thing. Buy this for a friend. They will love you for it. (No discount, but there is free shipping.)




My Life Before I Decided To Commit Suicide: A Love Story is James Robert Murphy's first novel. He refers to it as an embellished memoir; meaning everything is true with a bit of theatrical license thrown in. The essence of My Life takes you on a journey through Murphy's quirky childhood and foggy adolescence through his first crushing marriage to his lovely first wife. Life, as you know, ain't easy. The first edition of My Life sold out. The 2nd edition is now available. Murphy altered the title a bit. The 2nd edition has added the phrase, A Love Story because that's really what it is all about: Love. Before going to print the second time the author read it page to page one more time. He quotes, "It is still as funny and as tragic as hell."

Critic Tom Riddell states, “Through the course of the last 2.5 years, I have reviewed over 50 books and through the course of the last 57 years I have probably read at least 500 books. In all of those years and through all of those books, there have been a few literary geniuses who were able to get a chuckle and a laugh out of me - and yes, a few have caused me to shed a tear drop or two- but Jim Murphy literally had the tears flowing down my cheeks.” (Was $20. Now $15. Free shipping.)


EL PASO: 1850-1950

One of El Paso's favorite history books. An easy to read, yet very informative collection of well thought out photos and text. There is a beautiful chapter on architecture, and interesting chapters on the birth of the city, sports, people, business, health and some awesome and unbelievable photographs from the Mexican Revolution. If you want to learn about El Paso, this is a must have for your library. (Was $20. Now $15. Free shipping.)



My Favorite El Pasoans: Past and Present is a collection of nearly 200 famous, not so famous, friendly and some not so friendly individuals, with a few quirky characters tossed for good measure, who were either born or raised in the El Paso, TX area. For instance, legendary actors Anthony Quinn, Debbie Reynolds, Irene Ryan (Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies) and F. Murray Abraham all have significant ties to El Paso. Sculptor John Houser and Luis Jimenez, photographer Otis Aultman, artist Hal Marcus, musicians Bobby Fuller who wrote, "I fought the law and the law won," blues guitarist Long John Hunter, 1960s folk artist Phil Ochs, sax player Mike Hamilton and Mothers of Invention founder and drummer Jimmy Carl Black, and Vikki Carr are all affiliated with El Paso. There is a beautiful 1937 photo of escape artist Fred Brown tossed in a San Antonio jail for panhandling after his successful escape. The list goes on and on. My Favorite El Pasoans has quickly become local favorite. (Was $20. Now $15. Free shipping.)



The Right to Kill engages readers in this now-familiar, open-hearted writing style that has become James Murphy’s signature. It follows the lives of six young boys in the 1950s and 60sa time when the United States was still an innocent nation and working-class families were poor, uneducated citizens. Los Seis (the six), as the boys refer to themselves, make a blood-bound pact to “clean up the neighborhood” at all costs. As time goes by, their concept of what is morally acceptable expands and their once simple adventures escalate. Los Seis find themselves at the forefront of the most significant political shift in United States history. By the ruling party’s executive order “On this fine day . . .”, U.S. borders are immediately and indefinitely closed. Texas passes the controversial Right to Kill Act. Anyone can petition the state to have someone killed. The catch? The petitioner must make the kill.

Following the bold enactment of the right to kill, the Texas Prison and Rehabilitation System puts 28,000 prisoners to death as Texas opts to eliminate prison systems altogether. Before long the entire country is following the Lone Star State’s lead. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the country’s first Roman Catholic leader’s Dallas assassination is tied to South Vietnam’s assassination of their first and only Roman Catholic leader, Ngo Dinh Diem. While the world is caught up in an unprecedented warring spiral, our six north siders are implementing their own strategic maneuvers to dominate the world.($15. Free shipping.) 


James Robert Murphy

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