My Favorite El Pasoans:

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  WHY YOU SHOULD MAKE THIS BOOK PART OF YOUR LIBRARY ... If you are an El Pasoan or a Texan for that matter, or have friends and family who used to live in West Texas, this is a must have book. It is loaded with very interesting characters. Both the good and the bad. But most of all, and the real reason to purchase this book is because it is a fun read.

This exciting project began three years ago and was temporarily shelved until a dear friend of mine, Joe Gomez, encouraged me to shake off the dust and wrap it up. I am so glad Joe spoke up. My first version was a little stiff you might say; filled with the regular happy-go-lucky El Pasoans everybody hears about all of the time. So I went back to work and gathered a host of new colorful characters like escape artist

Fred Brown. You can see him on the cover in the straight jacket. After his incredible 1937 street performance in San Antonio, TX, the police arrested him for vagrancy. The photo I've included is from inside the jail cell.

Also included is auto mechanic Tom Ogle from the early 1970s who invented a new type of carburetor. He drove from El Paso to Deming, nearly 200 miles away, on two gallons of gas. He was mysteriously murdered not too soon after the auto industry got involved.

And then there's Roz Cron. She wasn't from El Paso, she was a white 18 year-old saxophone player traveling the U.S. with an all-female, mixed-race jazz band during the Jim Crow era when mixed races weren't supposed to fraternize. They were pulled over by the police in El Paso. She tried to pass as black, but the cops didn't buy it and they threw her in jail.

The famous El Paso boot maker Tony Lama makes an appearance as well. Why? Because he is from Syracuse, NY, my home town. Who knows that? Of course there are plenty of wonderful, regular, good ol' Texans featured throughout my book, nearly 200 of them. But what about this?

Blues guitarist Long John Hunter spent twenty years perfecting his craft here in El Paso and in Juarez, Mexico, our sister city.

Ever heard of El Pasoan Terry Manning? He's a record producer who has worked with Ike and Tina Turner, Al Green, Joe Cocker, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin and many more. Shakira's first English-language album, Laundry Service, sold 12 million copies. It was produced by Manning.

Serial killer Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, is from El Paso.

Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies is from El Paso. I'm very proud of the book and know you will enjoy it wether you are from El Paso or not. 

I sign and date every book purchased. Do you have a personal message you want to include? I would be happy to convey that message. Simply go to the "Store" link on this site or call me at 915-526-0719. Thanks to all of you who have purchased my books and CDs. I think the world of you.


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