Love is Broken

James Robert Murphy
James Robert Murphy


Part of the 2920 Sessions. Love is broken is in an open tuning - the low E is tuned down to a D, and the G is tuned down to an A#. It is a beautiful chord (whatever it is). Probably my favorite tune to date in the 'jazz' series. Naturally, this too is a love song that has more verses, but one is sufficient. What I really like about this tune is the music after the lyrics. The relationship goes south and violence enters the picture. The drums, performed by Eric Boseman, really add to the tension. Love is broken isn't quite complete, but I wanted to post it anyway.


You've taken all of my love

and kept it to yourself

You've tried to keep me hidden

from the ladies that are my friends

I feel our love has taken 

up permanent ownership

I feel our love is broken

I never wanted this

You can call me

anytime you like

You will always be

a lover of my life

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