Austin Jimmy Murphy - A History of Blues - A 4-CD Box Set

James Robert Murphy's stage moniker is Austin Jimmy Murphy. He is a prolific songwriter and musician. This collection of mostly original material is worth the twenty-dollar-bill expense, and the time it takes to listen to the entire 48 cuts. The material was recorded during five different sessions dating between 1977 and 2008. Included is a 12-page booklet that includes the lyrics, when the songs were written, where they were recorded and who performed on each cut. You really get to know the music and the players. It is a history of blues.

There is some incredible piano and keyboard playing by George Rossi from Little Georgie and the Shuffling Hungarians. Scott Ebner plays keys on all of the live cuts. Scott is with the Tip Hillbillies and other prominent Syracuse bands. If you love the harmonica, there are three of the best on these CDs. Tom Townsley (Tom Townsley and the Backsliders), Matt Tarbell (from the Corvairs and Built for Comfort), and Mike Petroff. Drums are mostly by Mark Tiffault (who toured with Carey BellJohn Lee Hooker and was in one of the greatest blues bands in Syracuse, The Kingsnakes - and he was also with the Corvairs and with Little Georgie. Garnett Grim performs drums on all the live cuts. Garnett is currently touring with Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown. The bass playing is by T.A. James (Carey Bell, the Kingsnakes and everybody else) and by Paul 'Big Daddy' LaRonde (Kingsnakes, the Corvairs, Built for Comfort and Hooker). Lawrence Glod, AKA Hungry Larry Stringer (Lake Effect Blues Band, Roosevelt Dean Blues Band and others) also performs bass on several cuts. Pat DeSalvo plays bass on the live cuts. Pat is currently touring with Savoy Brown also. Murphy does all of the singing, guitar playing, fingerpicking, and the majority of the songwriting. Guitarist Phil Petroff (Lake Effect Blues Band, Phil Petroff and Natural Fact and others) plays an incredible slide guitar on the opening cut. The musicianship and comradery on these discs is outstanding. All of the performers are at their best.

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