The Right to Kill
  • The Right to Kill


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(Was $15) A Perfect Fit for Today's Political Climate

The Right to Kill engages readers in this now-familiar, open-hearted writing style that has become James Murphy’s signature.   It follows the lives of six young boys in the 1950s and 60s—a time when the United States was still an innocent nation and working-class families were poor, uneducated citizens. Los Seis (the six), as the boys refer to themselves, make a blood-bound pact to “clean up the neighborhood” at all costs. As time goes by, their concept of what is morally acceptable expands and their once simple adventures escalate.   Los Seis find themselves at the forefront of the most significant political shift in United States history. By the ruling party’s executive order “On this fine day . . .”, U.S. borders are immediately and indefinitely closed. Texas passes the controversial Right to Kill Act. Anyone can petition the state to have someone killed. The catch? The petitioner must make the kill. Following the bold enactment of the right to kill, the Texas Prison and Rehabilitation System puts 28,000 prisoners to death as Texas opts to eliminate prison systems altogether.   Before long the entire country is following the Lone Star State’s lead. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the country’s first Roman Catholic leader’s Dallas assassination is tied to South Vietnam’s assassination of their first and only Roman Catholic leader, Ngo Dinh Diem. While the world is caught up in an unprecedented warring spiral, our six north siders are implementing their own strategic maneuvers to dominate the world.

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