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  1. Don't Lie To Me
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Don't Lie To Me

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Written on April 23, 1976. By the title alone, I guess you already know what it is about. But let’s talk about the music. I was 21 when I wrote this. Guitar-wise, it is just beautiful. It is fingerpicked and you can, on occasion, hear this throughout the song. I’ve never played this song to an audience in all my years of performing because unfortunately, the bands I’ve had over the decades were never put together to perform songs like these - my mistake. The overlying melody, once again, came to me immediately once I began producing the song. Lyrically and musically, once completed, I looked at it from an opposite perspective, from a woman’s perspective. I even had El Paso vocalist Monica Gutierrez come in a sing it for me, but in the end I used my own vocal. Don’t Lie To Me reminded me of a Renaissance Period court dance in which attendees are dressed to perfection and they spin and curtsey to the magnificent classical music. The wife, in this case, had just learned that her husband has cheated on her, but he did know that she knew. As he danced with her, she loathed him even touching her. She had been there before and truly thought this marriage was the marriage that would be everlasting. Inside, she hated him. I play a Fender P-bass, Guild D40-C single cut-away acoustic guitar, Yamaha P 125 piano. Recorded on a Tascam Portastudio DP-24SD.


Don't lie to me
Don't lie to me
Don't tell me tales
Don't lie to me
When I first met you
everything came alive for the first time
You were my sunshine
you chased all my clouds away
I loved you

Don't lie to me

Don't lie to me

Don't tell me tales

Don't lie to me
I feel just like the sea
taking that ship to that port and bringing it back again
I've been so many times before I
I just don't want to be the sea ... anymore
... I just don't want to be alone
any more