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Penned in 1977 as I traveled back and forth across the United States. Somewhat of a political song and a song about cheaters who don't realize how good they have it.


Every morning I wake up
I go down to the river
to fetch me some water

I dunk my head far down under
and dream
of mermaids and pirates on the sea

I’m a restless kind of person
who doesn’t like to see things
turning out the way they’re turning out to be

I shall claim some land some day
and fight to keep it free for my children
They shall not be intervened
by all your social extremities

I’m a lover of one-hundred years ago
and how I came to be, in this day and age I’ll never know

I hear friends talk of friends
to my ears
complaints come rushing in
like full-moon waves
I see young men leave their ladies at home
while they stalk the night for prey
Well, I hope they realize - that their future fortune lies
heavily upon what they give and take
what they give and take