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This track was recorded in Syracuse, NY in the 1980s. It appears as a bonus track on this CD.
Austin Jimmy Murphy, acoustic guitar and vocals. Paul Wakker, bass and background vocals. Lisa Romano, background vocals. John Deer, drums. Hal Casey, fiddle. Sukosh Ferron, piano. Unknown pedal steel player.


Those wide open spaces they’ve got me
The howling of the lone wolf is my song
A single campfire light
out on a moonlit night
is all this lonesome cowboy needs

And when the morning comes
it will be time for movin’ on
I’ll follow the sun another day
Not carin' where I go
I’m searching for old El Paso
I hear there’s high dollars on the rodeo

I don’t cry those tears the way I used to
or lay awake at night and wonder why
you left me for that gamblin' man who used you
and lost you in a game whose stakes weren’t high

I don’t cry those tears the way I used to
So if you love someone who can’t be satisfied
Just saddle up your pony one clear morning
and ride off to greet the coming night