Penned in 1987 four months after I married my current wife. This little girl moved from El Paso, TX to Upstate New York in the middle of winter. I was, prior to this, in some sort of mischief most of my life. I was truly amazed that this lovely girl was in love with me.


I get up in the morning
look into the mirror
Lines on my face
are looking so much clearer
I walk into the bedroom
I see you lying there
an angel from heaven
what’s she doing here

I’m a no-count outlaw
blood stains on my hands
a life spent behind bars
a liar and a thief

Just before I leave
to face the working day
I sit down on the bed beside her
not knowing what to say
She slowly opens up her eyes
and smiles within her heart
She whispers that she loves me
and would I kiss her ’for I part

I’m a no-count outlaw
vengeance used for blood
Why in the world would a pretty girl
be giving me her love

As I gently kiss her
warm and tender lips
A feeling comes over me
of love and tenderness