From the recording If I Could Play Jazz

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Song for... is the latest mix from the 2920 Sessions, If I Could Play Jazz, featuring vocalist Joshua Lucero. Joshua is a UTEP student and a student of opera. It was great to work with him. This song dates back to the 1980s. I have always loved this song and I am very happy to have finally recorded it.


She tells me that she loves me, says she wants to be mine
She says that she will wait for me, while I go out to find
She says that she wishes, I were nicer to her
It's not hard to believe her, I can see it in her eyes
You.....truly do love me
Nobody else has ever tried
You.....truly do love me
Nobody else has ever taken the time
Maybe someday soon, we can spend some time together
Maybe someday real soon, we can go away together