1. Love is Broken
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Love is Broken was a real pleasure to produce. It was magical. What I have discovered, and what I love about producing music, are the rhythmic paths that open up along the way. It is similar to writing a book, at least for me. I never know where the project is heading but the journey there is very exciting.

An open-tuned acoustic guitar is the essence of this song (from the top down - D, A, D, Gb, B, E). The guitar was performed freestyle with no click track and recorded on the first take. The rest of the pieces simply fell into place. As mentioned, it was a magical piece to work on. Drums were later added by percussionist Eric Boseman at Star City Studio here in El Paso. Still needing something, it is a bowed cello that breaks through the turbulence encountered in this relationship. Lyrically, the male partner is dominated by the female. She wishes to keep him all to herself and not allow him the freedom he knew prior to her taking control. What begins as a beautifully hopeful relationship turns physically violent visualized once the lyrics have come to a close. The ending is almost operatic with mixing the power of defeat with the lonely but individual sense of survival. The rest of the production was done in-house. I play a Fender P-bass, Guild D40-C single cut-away acoustic guitar, Yamaha P 125 piano, Unisynth electronic guitar fed into a Yamaha TX 81Z. Recorded on a Tascam Portastudio DP-24SD.


You've taken all of my love
and kept it to yourself
You've tried to keep me hidden
from the ladies that are my friends

I feel our love has taken
up permanent ownership
I feel our love is broken
I never wanted this

You can call me
anytime you like
You will always be
a lover of my life