From the recording Park North

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Wherever, Whenever was inspired by Stacey Kent's version of How Insensitive. I heard this two weeks before the Park North sessions ended. I wrote Wherever, Whenever, sent the files to Ruben Gutierrez, had Curt Bushaw come over and add bass, and then to top it off I brought in the amazing Joshua Lucero to add the vocals. I love this song.


I am wishing, that you could love me,
like those lovers, I see in the park.
Kissing, and holding hands.
and touching, after dark.

I am missing, those days of adventure,
and spontaneity, and chance-taking,
wherever, whenever

A fleeting moment, in love's time,
shaking, trembling, holding on for love's life.
Those days of impulsive tendencies,
an inclination to be rough,
love-making, wherever, whenever,
I am missing, I am wishing.