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2023 was a monumental year for me as a musician. I performed more ‘live’ dates than ever before in any given year. 104 performances. Can I match that in 2024? I hope so.  RECORDING UPDATE: I am working steadfastly on three separate recording projects. I have just completed The Avocado Sessions Part Two - Raw Fingerpicking and Slide Guitar. This was released in February. More on that if you click here. My second project is a collaboration between Mexican vocalist Joshua Lucero and myself entitled Caciones de Amor (Songs of Love), The subtitle is The Murphy/Lucero Project. It features eight original compositions sung in both English and Spanish. I am especially excited about this. You can learn more here. My 3rd project is Funky Blue. A jazz-oriented follow up to my 2022 acclaimed release Diddle. I am five-eighths of the way through with it. Well, I’d say half way through. I have the cover completed and a little more than half the music recorded. While I may not perform more than 104 dates this year, I will release three separate recording projects. How about that?

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone..

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