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2023 was a monumental year for me as a musician. I performed more ‘live’ dates than ever before in any given year. 104 performances. Can I match that in 2024? I hope so. While many think of how much fun it must be to play music all of the time, they are correct. BUT the key thing to it all is that performing all of the time is hard work. Yes, it is exhilarating, and I love talking to people and telling my stories, but again, it is hard work. A two-hour gig is actually a 4-hour gig. Packing the vehicle, driving to the day’s location, unpacking and setting up my gear. For a two-hour gig I usually play straight through with no breaks. Then I break down and load my vehicle back up, drive home and unpack. A 3-hour gig 45 miles away can be a 6-hour adventure. ALL COMPLAINING ASIDE….I am working steadfastly on three separate recording projects. I have just completed The Avocado Sessions Part Two - Raw Fingerpicking and Slide Guitar. This is being released in February. More on that if you click here. My second project is Funky Blue. A jazz-oriented follow up to my 2022 acclaimed release Diddle. I am five-eighths of the way through with it. Well, I’d say half way through. I have the cover completed and a little more than half the music recorded. My 3rd project is a collaboration between vocalist Joshua Lucero and myself entitled … well, I haven’t found a title yet but it might just be, The Murphy / Lucero Project. It features eight original compositions sung in both English and Spanish. We are nearly half way through this project. I am especially excited about this. While I may not perform more than 104 dates this year, I will release three separate recording projects. How about that?

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone..

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