Cryin' Cat Blues

I wrote the words to Cryin' Cat Blues in 1976 (when I was just a baby boy) and the words are a page in my Poetry from a Road Scholar book recently released by Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers (available everywhere). The music is new and written around the beatnik groove the poem implies. While I play the single-note piano theme and all else, El Pasoan Ruben Gutierrez makes sense of it all with his piano and organ. Focus your audio on this ginmill cowboy kiddos.

Enjoy a reading from the author

Jazz in Color

One Majority - The Video

One Majority speaks of a majority party - a party of rules and order versus a party of dissent. I'm not talking about race. I'm talking about governance. What many people in a free society like America do not realize is that disorder can destroy a country. Disassembling a ruling party, the party of peace and prosperity can bring the end to a free nation. Demanding the destruction of a country's history and eminent change to those who protect us can lead to the disappearance of what we have come to cherish, our freedom. Do not think for a moment that the young new radicals mean our country well. They do not. Change must come through the legal channels. One Majority is a glimpse of the destruction. If this is where you wish to go, that is your choice. But you have to be ready to bring in a new governance. I don't think any of you are really ready. 

Jazz 31

Jazz 31 is a new instrumental I wrote as part of the Jazz: 2920 Sessions, sometimes referred to as the, If I Could Play Jazz Sessions. I decided to use blooming flowers as my theme. I borrowed videos from the following entities: National Geographic, Arthur Homan - his piece is in the movie Land of a Thousand Storks and another piece of his is called, Flowers Can Dance. From David de From BrimiTube. From Next Observer. From Rumble Science.

Acoustic Blues on the Deck. I thought I might toss a couple of solo blues numbers out there. I recorded these at the 2920 hacienda one sunny, yet windy at times, afternoon in March 2020. Different versions of both tunes are on A History of Blues (click here - scroll down). You will get more from the video than from me talking to you.

Hound Dog Shuffle

THE HOUND DOG SHUFFLE is a new tune that has recently been released on Jazz: the 2920 sessions. It features Curt Bushaw on bass and Ruben Gutierrez on keys. Click here and scroll down to the 2920 sessions section to learn more.