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Mesa Verde

PEOPLE GET READY has been recorded by many, many artists. This is my version recorded as part of the 2920 Sessions here in El Paso, TX. The song comes from a studio album by the Impressions, released on ABC-Paramount in 1965. It contains Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready", which was a successful single that had a significant impact on the civil rights movement. It is one of my favorite songs ever. I have been wanting to record it for a while and just wrapped it up here during the 2920 Sessions. El Pasoan Ruben Gutierrez plays piano and organ, and Frank Zona adds the sax. I perform the additional instrumentation and it was a real pleasure arranging and producing the tune.

The song MESA VERDE, the music behind the video below, was written in early 2022. It is part of a work in progress called Diddle. Prior to that, I had released three CDs in a row. My hope was to release one annually until I couldn't anymore. But I got so busy with my performance schedule, I lost track of my goal. I wrote some material but never wrapped the songs up. This song, Mesa Verde, is named after a street in my Mountain Park Neighborhood. 

I have this affinity for clouds - for mother nature's work in general. Since Mesa Verde is an instrumental. I chose pictures of clouds I have taken over the past year or so either here at mi casa, while golfing here in El Paso and the Syracuse, NY area, or from my flight between the two cities. 

The basics of Mesa Verde came to me immediately, without much thought. Sometimes things just happen. Personally, I love the peaceful theme and the semi-turbulence that takes place in between. Finally, I brought in bassist Curt Bushaw and pianist Ruben Gutierrez to put closure to the song. Oh, I met four angels a while ago and they agreed to sing the background vocals. Angels are the best.

There was a time (i killed for you)

There Was A Time (I killed for you), lyrically, is a great tune about a man who has given everything to the love of his life, including doing jail time for her. Musically, while it is a standard blues progression, the theme and energy are more on the theatrical side. I initially wrote There Was A Time in 2012 and have just completed things on the production end. I pay a tribute to the many women who have been murdered in Juarez, MX over the past decade or so. And, to be truthful, this song, although written from a man's point of view, could easily come from a woman as well. Written and produced by Jim Murphy.


RUN JOHNNY - Hi there kids. Attached is an instrumental named after my younger brother Johnny. Remember chasing your younger brother down and harassing him? Run Johnny i featured on the DIDDLE CD.. This is tune #5. At the time, I thought this is my best jazz tune yet. Some would say it's my only jazz tune. And yet, others might say, "Nice try." It came together rather quickly - five working days from inception to completion, including the video. Definitely the best guitar sound I found so far. I used my 1963 Guild Starfire III. No amp - plugged straight in through the DI. No bass guitar. No keys. Just me and a great drum track. No nothin'! Written and produced by Jim Murphy.

Cryin' Cat Blues

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