Jazz 31 is a new instrumental I wrote as part of the Jazz: 2920 Sessions, sometimes referred to as the, If I Could Play Jazz Sessions. I decided to use blooming flowers as my theme. I borrowed videos from the following entities: National Geographic, Arthur Homan - his piece is in the movie Land of a Thousand Storks and another piece of his is called, Flowers Can Dance. From David de Lossan.com. From BrimiTube. From Next Observer. From Rumble Science.

Acoustic Blues on the Deck. I thought I might toss a couple of solo blues numbers out there. I recorded these at the 2920 hacienda one sunny, yet windy at times, afternoon in March 2020. Different versions of both tunes are on A History of Blues (click here - scroll down). You will get more from the video than from me talking to you.

THE HOUND DOG SWING is a new tune that will be released on the upcoming Jazz: the 2920 sessions. It features Curt Bushaw on bass and Ruben Gutierrez on keys. Click here and scroll down to the 2920 sessions section to learn more.

THE RECLUSIONIST EXHIBIT VIDEO consists of my artwork set to the music of Vivaldi. It is an exhibit that is available to use as a fundraising instrument for nonprofits. Contact me for additional information.

SHAKE YOUR BOOGIE is off my, A History of Blues CD. Click here and scroll down to the A History of Blues section to learn more.

TRANCHANTE MER, MINEURE is a new cut from the Jazz: 2920 Sessions CD (not yet available). Click here and scroll down to the 2920 Sessions section to learn more.