The Reclusionist Exhibit - Now offered as a Fundraising Opportunity 

This exhibit is being utilized as a fundraising opportunity for museums and gallery spaces. It is called The Reclusionist because I never show my work. I am primarily a recluse. I love the public and I am a performer, but when it comes to showing my art I am extremely shy. Recently, the International Museum of Art (IMoA) here in El Paso raised more than $13,000 for their Collections Management Project. Funds were restricted for cataloging their collection and purchasing much needed archival storage materials. I provided more than 40 works of art for public viewing. It is my belief that much more could have been raised had the museum and their board consolidated their efforts. The concept is simple: they opened a crowdfunding site on Indiegogo and letters were written by a few board members to gather support from personal donors. Had all of the board members participated, and had letters of encouragement been sent to the museum members to support this effort, it is believed by those who participated, that $50,000 could have easily been raised. I thought the sky was the limit. If you are interested in making such an effort, myself and the IMoA Board President, MaryJo Melby, would be happy to visit with you. And I would be happy to show my work once again.

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