My Life Before I Decided To Commit Suicide: A Love Story
  • My Life Before I Decided To Commit Suicide: A Love Story
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(Was $15) A funny, bumpy journey through childhood, adolescence and young adulthood

My Life Before I Decided To Commit Suicide: A Love Story is James Murphy's first novel. He refers to it as an embellished memoir; meaning everything is true with a bit of theatrical license thrown in. The essence of My Life takes you on a journey through Murphy's quirky childhood and foggy adolescence through his first crushing marriage to his lovely first wife. Life, as you know, ain't easy. The first edition of My Life has sold out. The 2nd edition is now available. Murphy altered the title a bit. The 2nd edition has added the phrase, A Love Story because that's really what it is all about: Love. Before going to print the second time the author read it page to page one more time. He quotes, "It is still as funny and as tragic as hell." Critic Tom Riddell states, “Through the course of the last 2.5 years, I have reviewed over 50 books and through the course of the last 57 years I have probably read at least 500 books. In all of those years and through all of those books, there have been a few literary geniuses who were able to get a chuckle and a laugh out of me - and yes, a few have caused me to shed a tear drop or two- but Jim Murphy literally had the tears flowing down my cheeks.”

Richard Palmer, Ph.D. “I have come across very few books in my time that I have felt compelled to tell friends about. Jim Murphy’s embellished autobiography is one of them. The explosions of description are beautiful; the honesty is remarkable; the humor is engulfing.  It’s on my list of favorites.”

"Worthy to be called "EXCELLENT" 1st Place Winner, Book Publishers of El Paso, TX

My Life has also drawn comparisons to Jean Shepherd's novel, In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash, which was adapted to screen and renamed, A Christmas Story.

25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Review of My Life Before I Decided To Commit Suicide: A Love Story The spoiler title did not soften the shock I felt when the suicide popped up in the Prologue. It occurred to me that lazy readers might skip the Prologue, as they are wont to do, zooming straight to the diverting memoirs beginning in the big white house with no grass where the Bob & Betty Circus dominates after Murphy breaks his nose. The author has a unique sense of humor that readers are bound to appreciate. This humor is liberally laced with sarcasm. The author has a gift of presenting characters as fully-formed stars like the Beehive Lady, with her nosey curiosity, and his childish interpretation of her as a Russian spy. Murphy has a singular way of presenting stories, like the one about his hamster dying on the same day as JFK. Murphy’s description of the Catholic Church and religion, in general, is unexpected and wry. There is an undercurrent of pathos as his narrative proceeds into young adulthood, of impending sadness, coming to drape itself over this original view of life, and of course, readers must know that because of the warning is given in the title. This memoir must have been tremendously cathartic to write and it will deeply touch readers who find it cathartic to read. I am glad the author was rescued by his father. The amount of anger present may put off some readers, but it will attract others.

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