1. Stranger Blues

My guitar-playing friend Jane Zell taught me this many, many years ago in my parent's garage in Nedrow, NY. This was recorded live at Shifty's in Syracuse with Pat DeSalvo on Bass, Scott Ebner on keys, and Garnett Grimm on drums.


I'm a stranger here
I just pulled into your town (2x)
Just because I'm a stranger
everybody tryin' to put me down

I wonder how you people
could dog a poor stranger so (2x)
You must remember
you gotta reap just what you sow

I wonder do my good gal
wonder does she know I'm here (2x)
'cause if she do
people she just don't seem to care

I'll be goin' back to Texas
if it take me 99 pair of shoes (2x)
'cause I know I'll be welcomed there
and I won't have to pay these stranger blues