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Composed in 1978. A good little finger-picker. I've changed it a bit since this recording session. Part of the Hotel/Motel/Apartment Sessions - one microphone used at an undisclosed location.


Razor Face, Razor Face
don’t do you no good to race
you and me both know you just slow

Razor Face
laser pace
never heard of can’t relate
smilin’ all the time in coca space

Old Black Bill he shufflin’ laundry
boilin’ steak at lunch in water
make us laugh all through the day

Tellin’ tales of gamblin’ weekends
Flashin’ wads of money in my eyes
Doin’ LSD
and goin’ down inside

Got a smilin’ girl
she nice and skinny
Cook me meals
now ain’t that funny
A year ago
I was quite schizoid

She walk by me pinch my belly
Say she like to come along
Give me my night shirt
put on your
mornin’ gown