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Tears in Your Eyes was penned on September 15, 1977. It is a part of the 2920 Sessions and round two of the folk/country series. It is a heartbreaking story of missed opportunity and a broken love that cannot be forgiven. I had a difficult time producing this tune. It was scheduled to be the CD, The Way Things Used To Be, but I just couldn't figure out what melody line to use and I could not musically figure out the walk down from 'G' to 'Em' before the chorus. It was put on the back burner and missed the cut.


I’ve been through so many changes
Enough to know
there’s more to come

and then rearranging
Trying to let everything be

I once met some good mountain people
who showed me a new way of life
I made one more journey
back to the city
I came back to make you my wife

You told me
you had a new lover
You told me not to worry
You told me
you were confused
You told me
with tears in your eyes
You told me
with tears in your eyes