1. Hey Baby
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I wanted to write a new blues song but without all of the traditional makings. I added a different turnaround after each progression and I wanted to have the lyrics introduce innuendo or double entendres. I had fun writing them. My golfing buddy Pat "Guitar Slim" Chase plays the guitar on this number and Billy Townes plays the piano.


Hey baby, can I park my car in your garage? (2x)
You know I won't drive in too fast, I won't pull out too slow.

Hey baby, would you like to play wich my poodle dog? (2x)
If you wag your tail baby, he gonna love you all night long.

Hey baby, I've got a rocket in my pocket (2x)
If you push my ignition button, I know you gonna blow, blow, blow.

Hey baby, let me be your honey bee (2x)
I wanna buzz inside your flower, and drive my stinger home don't you know.