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I Won't Have It, might just be the best song I have ever written. My thought was to play my Fender Strat in four of the five pick-up settings through four of the six instrumental progressions. Strats have such a unique sound. The first progression is played from the neck pickup, the second progression is a combination of the neck pickup and the middle pickup. The 3rd progression is the middle pickup only and the 4th progression uses the middle and bridge pickups. It worked perfectly. And, as a bonus, there are two progressions of lyrics on the tail end. Give that a listen.


I've been loving you
for half my life
I've given you everything
since that day you became my wife
And you've been good to me too,
don't get me wrong
But if you don't want to be with me
then there's no sense in hangin' on
I won't have it
No, I won't have it
I'm going to be moving on

When we were young we used to run through the streets of downtown
hitting nightclub after nightclub
pub after pub
dancing through the night
loving into the morning
and then something changed
I'm not sure what it was
but one day you turned away from me
and I've been hurting ever since
I won't have it
No, I just won't have it
I'm going to be moving on