1. The Train Song
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Originally recorded on a 12-string at The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. in the late 70s.


2X Train come ‘round the corner goin’ to take me away
My mamma don’t love me and my papa don’t want me to stay
2X Woman done left me, for another man
I gave her everything, I just don’t understand
2X Goin’ down to Orleans, learn to play the blues
After losin’ you babe, I got nothin’ to lose

2x 7:45 hear that whistle blow
Fifteen more minutes, I’ll think of you no more
2X She’s a cool streamliner with, a ragin’ smoke stack
I got a ticket in my hand and a tilt to my top hat - lookin’ pretty sharp
2X Mister conductor, load my baggage, please
I got a gig to play, I’m goin’ down to New Orleans - yes I am